In Extremis

from by Syscrusher

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Supreme Council Member of the Eternals 1
Flash forward ninety billion years, five million left before the end
Spectir 00100010, observe record relay it all

r. Al
Hey spec its me, good to see you again,
i suppose you know why they sent you to here

Special Arbiter 00100010
This is what its like here now at the end
Entropy reaching its extreme extent
THe colony looks just like a corpse
Get the codes i want to listen in

r. Al
Sure thing it seems to be opening
Listen in and tell us what it is they say

Hello to what is after this. Farewell to the final conciousness.
Here using the last lots of energy in this doomed universe.

With such great violence begot, it seems so very much a shame
that in extremis she breaths not a whisper.

Freeze now before it finishes.
Even fools know of places left to fear.
Tell me now is this what death is like,
Grinding gears to one slow hault

r. Al
Easy there now dont get poetic on me.
This is just standard operations.

Now you just wait a second here.
If this is old hat then why are we the first?
Something else 's going on now isn't it?
It's not the end It's not the end IT'S NOT THE END!!

r. Al


from A Choice of Catastrophes, released November 1, 2009


tags: prog sci-fi synth


all rights reserved



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